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Record a personal and professional video

Iphone record
  • HD video quality
  • Add video filters for a great look
  • Overlay text for a personal message
  • Discover internal company videos
  • Upload videos to OneMob cloud
  • Save videos to drafts

Manage, share, and track all your content in OneMob

Library page
  • Content management for all your videos and documents
  • Customize landing pages and email templates for you and your team
  • Connect with prospects, customers, partners, and employees using OneMob
  • Collect real-time activity to measure effectiveness

The Power of OneMob in Salesforce

Sf screen1
  • Send to any Salesforce Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity, or Case
  • Send from Lead and Contact list views
  • Automatically track OneMob engagement to the related Salesforce record
  • Measure effectiveness with custom Reports and Dashboards
  • AppExchange Package available

Be more productive with OneMob in Chrome

Chrome plugin
  • Search your OneMob links
  • Create a OneMob link inside Google Chrome
  • Copy and paste a OneMob to any webpage, such as Gmail, LinkedIn, Office365, Twitter and more

Brian Ludwig, SVP of Sales

"Our global sales team uses OneMob to enhance communications with both prospects and customers. It creates a personalized and unique touch point that stands above all the other noise in someone’s email inbox, and helps us to build and solidify relationships, resulting in more business. I also use it internally to inspire my team by recognizing outstanding sales performers or to communicate key announcements. I am amazed at the high level of engagement I see after each OneMob video that I send."

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