What’s the BEST TIME to send your sales-emails?

Drumroll please. The answer is… Let’s face it…you knew this was coming. There isn’t one. If there was, then you almost assuredly would have heard of it well before reading this blog. Whether or not your email is opened and read depends on several factors, the vast majority of which are entirely outside of your […]

Common roadblocks when adopting video into your business

Adopting video has its challenges Years ago, my first sales role began like many others – with a desk, a computer, a phone, and a list of businesses to call/email. Fast-forward seven years and my skills have evolved exponentially; but in that seven years, the tools that businesses rely on have not evolved at the […]

Standing Out with Video

What’s the worst car commercial you’ve ever seen? Sometimes I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast, but a particular dealership has been permanently branded into the depths of my memory thanks to a single, cringe-worthy commercial that aired twenty years ago. Seems odd that things like bad car commercials or an embarrassing moment in […]

Bridging the Marketing and Sales Gap with OneMob

I recently read a blog by Jason Piasecki, Partner & CEO at Revel; a local B2B Marketing provider here in Muskegon. In his blog, Jason highlights how businesses tend to prioritize sales over marketing, and often try to combine the two roles into a single position, usually with an emphasis on sales. (You can read […]