3 Ways to Find a Job in a Digital World

It seems like ever week I see another post on LinkedIn about a company having to do massive layoffs to course correct because of difficult economic times. Having been laid off myself in the past, I know the experience creates many uncomfortable feelings and a sense of uncertainty. As tough as it may sound, this too shall pass.

Still, because we have witnessed a transformation in work through the explosion of remote, hybrid and virtual work, the way you go about finding your next job has also changed. The goal of this article is to share 3 ways to help you prepare and find your next dream job!

  1. LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a cornerstone resource and asset you will need to use in your search. Now’s the time to update your profile, make sure summary and experience is accurate. Leverage the #opentowork feature. LinkedIn has put together a full guide on how to make a great and effective profile here.
  2. Network – I truly believe most people want to help. When you ask for help, you are giving another person a chance to act. I know it can be uncomfortable, embarrassing or even humiliating to share this news, but people really want to help and sometimes they just need to know there’s an opportunity in front of them to do so. Now I do recommend if there is someone specific that can really help (i.e. they work at a company that you want to join), then I recommend you come prepared and search the company website for the 2-3 roles that sound like a fit. Then specifically ask if they can help you apply for these roles internally. Most employers offer employee referral bonuses so it’s good for their karma and their wallet.
  3. Stand Out – OK, this is last but I’d say most important. There are a LOT of people who’ve been laid off recently, so the competition is high. Now you need to think outside of the box and stand out. In a world inundated with text based emails, this is where I highly recommend using video in your outreach.

It does 2 things: First it helps you get noticed. Video emails are still rare, so the novelty is high and the human brain craves visuals.

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Second, it gives the viewer a sense of who you are and the energy/personality you will bring. Now you may not feel comfortable in front of a camera, but check out Julie Hansen‘s Video Masterclass. She’s put together a special for OneMob users hereIt’s the best $99 you’ll ever spend.

So when should you include video? Here’s a few times in the job hunting process that work great:

  • Reaching out to a old friend or colleague to catch up and ask for help
  • Introducing yourself to a recruiter or hiring manager
  • Following up with an interviewer (could be something you want to clarify or elaborate on)
  • Sending a Thank You to interviewer, recruiter, colleague, friend, etc.
  • Recapping your specific skills and experience for the hiring team

For that last one, I recommend adding content with your video so you can add context to work you’ve done. Remember, it’s likely you will be reviewed by multiple people, so having all your content in one place is helpful. Here’s an example.

Once you’re ready to get started, I invite you to sign up for a FREE OneMob account here. No credit card required and it’s free forever. You can create video and content microsites that help you on your job hunt. I’ve received many stories of users Standing Out with OneMob and landing a great job. I’m confident it will help you too!

Good luck and keep your head up! 🙏🏽

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Sati Hillyer

Sati Hillyer

Founder and CEO of OneMob

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