How It Works

See how effortless it is to scale your personalized outreach with OneMob.

Press Record

Record your video from any device and easily edit within OneMob. With our teleprompter, you don’t even have to memorize your pitch. — Just press record.

Send Video Emails That Get Responses

Add a OneMob to any email, text or social post. Schedule a OneMob with our email campaign wizard and break into decision makers’ inbox by sending personalized videos. You are more than a boring text email. Stand out from your competition.

Create Digital Sales Rooms To Nurture Prospects and Customers

Nurture your relationship with prospects by creating digital sales rooms (aka microsites) with a gallery of content about your product or service. Include call-to-actions to get them to take action.

Increase Responses, Track Engagement and Close More Deals

Build rapport with your prospects, move them further down the sales cycle, and close the deal. Rinse and repeat.

Real Professionals. Real Examples.

See how effortless it is to scale your personalized outreach with OneMob.

It’s Not Just The Video…
It’s Your Personal Touch.

See how your personalized video can leave a unique impression and increase responses from leads. Say goodbye to boring text emails, and say hello to OneMob.

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Of survey respondents shared that watching a video has helped them make quicker purchase decisions.

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Of marketers plan to include video content in their marketing strategy over the next 1-3 years.

What Keeps Us Motivated!​

OneMob Is The Bridge Between You & Your Sales Prospect


Generate Leads from Social Media

Let your social media presence be an asset that generates more leads for you, even when you are not doing outreach.

You’re already getting attention on social media. Convert that attention into leads. Direct your online audience’s attention to your OneMob landing page, where you host strategically curated videos meant to give them a better idea about your product or service.



Lead-Nurturing Landing Pages “Microsites”

Create video-ready landing pages and share playlists of valuable content to help nurture your relationship with prospects and guide them to purchase.

Don’t worry about coding or designing the landing page. Enjoy the simplicity of our predesigned landing page and focus only on selling. Just press record and upload your content. Share playlists of valuable content with your audience, nurture your relationship with prospects, and use call-to-actions to guide them further in the sales cycle.



Outreach & Sales

Personalized outreach has never been more effective. With OneMob, you will stand out from your competition, build rapport with decision makers, and increase the responses.

Speak directly to the decision makers with a video that captures the conviction and emotion when you speak about your offering. It’s not just the video that makes the difference – it’s you!



Customer Success & Post-Sale

Fuel your company’s growth and increase customer retention by nurturing your relationship with your customer after you’ve closed the deal.


Trusted by Thousands of Sales Professionals.

Video Emails Improve Responses.
Find Out for Yourself.

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