OneMob, Inc. Privacy Policy


Last Updated: March  2024

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) elucidates the methodologies employed by OneMob, Inc. and its affiliated entities (“Company”) to collect, employ, and disseminate personal information belonging to professional users of the following digital assets:

• The website, accessible at (the “Site”)

• OneMob Web application

• OneMob iOS application

• OneMob Android application

• OneMob Chrome application

• OneMob Email plugin and add-in

This Policy also extends its purview to encompass any other websites under our administration that publish this Policy. It is explicitly not applicable to platforms featuring differing privacy declarations.



By logging into our platform, you hereby agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. You acknowledge and consent that OneMob, Inc. (“OneMob”) possesses the right to store any information you input or upload onto its platform. Additionally, you agree that when recording a video, OneMob has the right to retain the audio and video files on its platform. Such data may encompass Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Sensitive Personal Information (SPI). Rest assured, you retain complete control over what you choose to share, and our security settings afford you the means to restrict access to any content you maintain within OneMob. Importantly, OneMob will never disseminate your content without your explicit permission.



We acquire information through diverse conduits.

Information Voluntarily Provided by You: We compile data including but not limited to your name, postal address, email address, phone number, fax number, username, password, demographic details (e.g., gender and profession), as well as supplementary information that you willingly disclose on our Site.

Information Obtained from External Sources: Information about you may be sourced from external channels. Such information may be amalgamated with data derived from this Site.

Automatically Gathered Information: We automatically record information concerning you and your computing equipment. This encompasses details like your computer’s operating system, browser type, browser language, the site visited before navigating to our Site, pages visited, dwell time on pages, access timestamps, and insights pertaining to your interactions and actions on our Site.

Cookies: We may employ “cookies” to collate information. These are diminutive data files stored on your hard drive by a website. Our use encompasses both session Cookies (terminated upon closure of your web browser) and persistent Cookies (enduring on your computer until deleted) with the intent of rendering a more personalized and interactive encounter on our Site. This class of information aggregation aims to enhance your Site experience and tailor interactions to your distinct inclinations and necessities.

When you visit or log in to our website, cookies and similar technologies may be used by our online data partners or vendors to associate these activities with other personal information they or others have about you, including by association with your email or home address. We (or service providers on our behalf) may then send communications and marketing to these email or home addresses. You may opt out of receiving this advertising by visiting



The sharing, distribution, or leasing of your personal information to external parties shall not occur unless explicit consent is obtained, or circumstances necessitating legal obligation arise. The following elucidates our utilization of your personal information:

• Facilitating the operation, maintenance, and enhancement of our websites, products, and services.

• Facilitating the processing and delivery of contest submissions and associated rewards.

• Responding to inquiries and concerns, as well as offering customer service.

• Forwarding notifications, invoices, technical advisories, updates, security notifications, and support and administrative communications.

• Disseminating communications regarding promotions, imminent events, and additional developments pertaining to our products and services, as well as those extended by select associates.

• Forging connections or amalgamating user data with additional personal information.

• Safeguarding against, investigating, and deterring fraudulent, unauthorized, or illegal activities.

• Providing and delivering products and services as requisitioned by customers.



The sharing of personal information is delineated as follows:

• Sharing with Your Consent: Should you permit, we may share personal information with third parties for their independent marketing endeavors, contingent upon their adherence to their own privacy frameworks.

• Business Transactions: During business negotiations or deals involving the complete or partial sale or transfer of our business or assets, we may share personal information. This encompasses but is not limited to mergers, financing activities, acquisitions, or bankruptcy transactions or proceedings.

• Legal, Protective, and Safety-Related Disclosures: Information sharing may occur to ensure legal compliance, protective endeavors, and safety protocols. This spans complying with legal directives, responding to lawful inquiries and legal procedures, safeguarding the rights and assets of OneMob, Inc., our agents, clientele, and other stakeholders, as well as acting in exigent situations to safeguard the welfare of our employees, agents, clients, and any person.

• Sharing with Workforce: Sharing of information with requisite personnel for operational purposes.

• Aggregated and Anonymized Data: Dissemination of aggregated and/or anonymized data for distinct uses by external parties.



Our marketing communications offer instructions for “opting out.” Despite opting out, non-marketing communications may still be dispatched, encompassing correspondences relevant to your accounts and business liaisons with us. Requests concerning personal information may be forwarded to the Contact Information provided below. This encompasses appeals to alter contact preferences, abstain from sharing with third parties, and modify personal information. Your browser settings typically allow the removal and repudiation of cookies from our Site. It is pertinent to note that many browsers are configured to accept cookies until adjusted by users. Removal or rejection of our cookies may affect the 

Site’s functionality.



The retention period for your Personal Data hinges on the nature of the data and the aims behind its processing. Your Personal Information shall be retained for the duration requisite to fulfill the objectives outlined in this Privacy Notice, barring instances wherein legal provisions necessitate or authorize prolonged retention.



Acknowledging the significance of the recently enacted European Union (EU) legislation concerning data protection for EU residents, we have engaged legal experts and prominent corporate entities that specialize in digital outreach technologies to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR affords EU residents the right to ascertain data collection, processing procedures, and the ability to request data deletion. In view of these rights, we have developed an internal tool enabling the querying, identification, and deletion of data pertaining to EU residents. This tool was meticulously crafted to pinpoint EU-specific data and effectuate its erasure.

We are proud to implement a bespoke policy aligning with GDPR requisites, given the substantial interaction between our clientele and EU residents. For further inquiries, kindly direct correspondence to


The California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA) stands as the inaugural state statute mandating that commercial websites and online services publish a conspicuous privacy policy. This legislation’s scope transcends the bounds of California, encompassing any individual or company within the United States (and potentially worldwide) that operates websites collecting Personally Identifiable Information from Californian consumers. Such entities are obligated to present a comprehensive privacy policy delineating the nature of collected information and its intended recipients.

We have meticulously instituted measures to align with the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA), recognizing the value of your privacy. By virtue of CalOPPA, the following rights are extended:

• The right to comprehend the collection of personal data.

• The right to ascertain if personal data is vended or disclosed, and to whom.

• The right to access personal data.

• The right to request the deletion of personal information.

• The right to be exempt from discriminatory action as a consequence of exercising privacy rights.



The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) endows consumers with specific entitlements concerning their Personal Information. You possess the right to request businesses subject to the CCPA to disclose certain particulars about their collection and utilization of your Personal Information over the prior twelve months. Moreover, you hold the prerogative to urge these businesses to eliminate Personal Information obtained from you, subject to specific exemptions. If a business facilitates the trade of Personal Information, you possess the right to opt out of such transactions. Lastly, a business is proscribed from discriminatory action against you due to the exercise of your CCPA rights.

In our capacity as a “service provider” under the CCPA when rendering services to our Users, OneMob aggregates consumer Personal Information on behalf of our Users to facilitate service provision. Any petitions for access or deletion of your Personal Information as stipulated by the CCPA must be directed to the relevant OneMob User with whom a direct association exists.

Notably, in line with Californian legislation, the execution of applicable CCPA rights will not result in differential pricing or disparate service quality. In instances where we offer financial incentives or product enhancements contingent upon the submission of Personal Information, we pledge to do so only in a manner commensurate with the value of the Personal Information provided.

PIPEDA and CASL Compliance:


Our unwavering commitment to uphold the stipulations of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) underscores our respect for your privacy and our dedication to safeguarding the personal information entrusted to us. We implore you to peruse this Policy judiciously to gain insight into the mechanisms underlying the collection, utilization, and sharing of your personal information. By engaging our services, you manifest your consent to the modalities outlined herein.



We extend an invitation to share your comments or inquiries regarding this privacy policy. Kindly reach out to us at:



This privacy policy may undergo revisions. Any modifications will be reflected in the above “Last Updated” date.