Benefits of Using Video in B2B Account-Based Marketing

In B2B marketing, the purpose of account-based marketing (ABM) is to create focused marketing campaigns to attract target businesses (accounts) that match your ideal customer profile (ICP).

Identifying, growing, engaging, and converting accounts that indicate both fit and interest in your product or intent as a qualified lead are the four key actions that make up the cornerstone of the ABM approach.

You boost your chances of winning key accounts by focusing on target accounts that specifically match your ICP. 

“Quality above quantity,” as the saying goes. 

Targeted advertising, direct mail, social selling, and (last but not least) video prospecting are some of the “outbound” strategies used by ABM to pique the interest of potential buyers and decision-makers in critical accounts.

Utilizing Video in Account-Based Marketing

Making personal connections is an important aspect of ABM outreach. You must make the prospect feel seen while targeting accounts. 

What better way to achieve so than in a prospecting email with a personalized video message?

Prospects are five times more likely to engage with a customized video message than with a typical text-based email, according to research, making them considerably more likely to engage and convert.

Best Ways to Use Video in Account-Based Marketing

1)    Personalize The Emails You Send to Target Companies

We live in a world where we are constantly assaulted with thousands of marketing messages, making it increasingly difficult to stand out. Using movies to personalize your emails is a terrific approach to:

  • Standing out from the crowd
  • Increased email open rates
  • Higher click-through rates )(CTR 
  • Increasing the number of prospects who engage with you
  • Creating business partnerships that move deals forward

2)    Create Your Library of Video Content

Using a microsite builder like OneMob can help you create your own library of video content where you can convey your message and increase conversions. OneMob not only allows you to customize your email campaigns with video and create your own content library, it also gives you analytics to help you better monitor and track the performance of your content and campaigns.

3)    Using Social Media to Attract Target Companies

Using social media for account-based marketing can be quite effective: it helps you to gain a deeper understanding of your target accounts’ needs and pain spots, as well as start a conversation about how your products and services may help. Begin by listening. You’ll be in an excellent position to adapt your social media strategy to support your ABM goals, once you understand what your target accounts require.

Put all of the energy you put into your in-person sales calls into a video. With OneMob, you will allow your personality to shine through to attract and connect with potential customers.

Stop being ignored by your customers and prospects with OneMob

Sati Hillyer

Sati Hillyer

Founder and CEO of OneMob

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