Introducing the NEW OneMob

We are so excited to introduce you to the NEW OneMob. This video will show you how to access the new version and provide a quick overview. Be sure to review the FAQ too! Frequently Asked Questions Why is OneMob making these changes? OneMob is implementing Material Design, a design language developed by Google, to […]

3 Reasons Why Hollywood & Green Screens Can Make You a Better Business

If you’ve ever explored video for your business, then you’ve most likely heard of green screen. This is where you record in front of a literal green screen, then use a video editing software to replace the green screen background with something else. This is used extensively in Hollywood. But the benefits Hollywood sees are […]

Leave a Video, not a Voicemail

As a sales guy, my relationship with my phone is truly love/hate. Don’t get me wrong, nothing is better than making a call and getting the buyer to pick up so you can finally get a straight answer, but the reality is they rarely pick up! In fact, 97% of phone calls go to voicemail and according to […]

OneMob Release Notes – 1/3/2017

The following changes were made on January 3rd, 2017: “Connected to Salesforce” indicator Applies to Enterprise, Enterprise Plus, and Trial Users. If your OneMob account is connected to Salesforce, it will be indicated by the following icon: If your OneMob account is not connected to Salesforce, it will be indicated by the following icon: Click on the icon […]

New Salesforce Dashboards and Reports Available

We just released some powerful and informative Salesforce dashboards and reports. They are available in our OneMob AppExchange package here.     Now you can easily see OneMob engagement and success across your organization, your team, or just how it relates to you. Install or upgrade today!

Introducing 3 New Enhancements

We’ve been heads down working on version 2 of the OneMob platform, but thought we’d share a few version 1 goodies while you wait. Based on popular demand, introducing: Universal Signatures Improved Create Link Sharing Player Pages Universal Signatures allows you to add a custom signature that’s appended to your email every time you send […]

Download Now- OneMob for Outlook is here!

Outlook users, we have good news for you! OneMob for Microsoft Outlook 365 and Outlook Client 2013 and 2016 is available now.  With the OneMob for Outlook app, you can access all your saved video and voice messages right inside Outlook and easily embed them in your email messages. For real-time tracking, select which Salesforce Lead(s) and […]

3 Ways to Better Engage, Right On the Page

Last year, we gave you all our best practices for creating and using video, which became an essential part of digital marketing in 2015. But we know that 2016 isn’t the year to start using video in your outreach- it’s the year to start engaging with and measuring its impact. Whether they be personal recordings or high […]

Search and Star All Your Favorite Videos

We’re rolling out many a new feature here at OneMob, and just in time for the holiday season. Here’s a gift that never stops giving –  the ability to search and star. When you log into your OneMob dashboard from the web app, you’ll notice things look a little different. In addition to creating editable player pagers, users now […]