Common roadblocks when adopting video into your business

Adopting video has its challenges

Years ago, my first sales role began like many others – with a desk, a computer, a phone, and a list of businesses to call/email. Fast-forward seven years and my skills have evolved exponentially; but in that seven years, the tools that businesses rely on have not evolved at the same pace. However, with the breakout of Covid, we’ve seen a dramatic swing in how businesses choose to collaborate; the largest change being the adoption of video technology. Despite all the advantages that video can provide, there is still a hesitancy to adopt it into company-culture; and this is mostly attributed to the classic “if it ain’t broke…” mentality surrounding phones and email. So, if you are still on the fence about whether or not video has a place in your day-to-day, here is a list of the most common roadblocks to using video, and some recommendations for getting around them.

Phone and Email get the job done

As I mentioned earlier, the standard when it comes to sales has been phone and email for a very long time. I would like to clarify, right now, that there isn’t anything wrong with these tools, and I am not attempting to belittle their use. That said, just because something isn’t broken shouldn’t mean you can’t expand upon it. Don’t consider video as a tool to replace the processes you are already familiar with, but a tool to add to your arsenal; and given that so many businesses offer solutions like free-trials or freemium subscriptions, trying it has never been easier. Numerous studies have shown that video has been a positive force when it comes to lead-generation, so you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the results of adopting it!

I don’t have time to create video content

Creating great video content does not have to be a drawn-out process. There is definitely a time and place for videos that utilize advanced editing, effects, and potentially multiple re-shoots before the final product is finished; but by no means is that the standard. The vast majority of video-content software comes pre-loaded with editing tools to help you create a professional looking video in the same amount of time it takes to generate an email. We also highly recommend you plan your video campaigns the same way you plan your email campaigns. Start by creating more generic videos for a broader audience, then, once you’ve identified your best leads, you can create more personalized video content for them as they move further down your sales-funnel. Here’s a great tip from OneMob’s Founder and CEO, Sati Hillyer, about avoiding “Analysis Paralysis.” (Feel free to check out his other tips on creating great videos while you are at it!)

It doesn’t fit in my budget

You are likely familiar with the feeling of being disappointed with an online purchase. Regardless of how legitimate an online seller seems, or how confident a sales-rep is in the experience you as the buyer will have, there is an inherent risk in purchasing something without seeing or using it first. Adopting video into your company is no different. We recommend looking for solutions that offer a free-trial or “freemium” version of their software. While you may not have access to more advanced features, the available stack is (usually) enough to give you a sense of whether or not it is a wise investment. That, or you may even find that the freemium subscription is enough for you!

OneMob recently introduced its own free plan, which you can learn about here

I’m not confident on camera

I’m going to start by saying that feeling anxious on camera is completely normal! Just like everything else, mastering your “camera-persona” takes practice. I can guarantee you that your first video won’t be perfect (or your second, third, or fourth), but if you focus on gradual improvement with each video you create, it won’t take long for you to feel at-home on camera. Sati Hillyer, OneMob’s Founder and CEO, describes it best with “Kaizen.”

Sati Hillyer discusses “Kaizen,” the art of continuous improvement.

Another option is to start by creating videos that only share your screen (if you are recording using a PC/Mac). Some examples could be tutorials and/or demos of your company’s software, power-point presentations, or a review of materials, such as proposals or other legal documents.

I’m not tech-saavy

Thankfully, creating video content has gotten easier over time. Consider that, if you wanted to record a special event, the standard used to be carrying a massive camera, then following several steps to get that video onto a place where everyone could view it! Today, most people carry a high-definition camera in their pockets that can immediately record and share moments in time. Recording and editing software has made relatively similar leaps with regards to their simplicity. Normally, I’ve found that after creating just 1-2 video campaigns in OneMob’s platform, users feel exponentially more confident. Most platforms also offer tons of resources for live or pre-recorded training that you can take advantage of. Don’t be shy to ask questions!

OneMob, for example, hosts “OneMob Wednesday,” a 60-minute training/demo session on the first Wednesday of each month, in addition to personalized training on request.

Choosing a platform is complicated

There are lots of great video-content platforms available. All have their pros and cons, usually revolving around price vs. available features. The correct fit will depend on how you plan on using the video content you create. Here are a few general tips and questions to ask yourself as you look. I will be creating a more detailed guide on choosing your video-content platform in a future blog, so keep your eyes out!

  • Purpose: Not every video-content platform is created equal. Some focus almost exclusively on video, and offer more advanced editing tools like virtual backgrounds, branding and transition effects, while others may have a more broad approach; using video as only part of the entire experience. Whether or not you need advanced features depends on how you intend to use video and who your audience will be. Just remember, more features usually means longer creation time, and higher costs.
  • Budgeting: On average, costs for paid video platforms range between about $20-100 User/Month depending on subscription-tiers and available features. As I mentioned before though, there is often an option for a free-trial or freemium tier. Consider starting there to see if the software fits your needs. Create a pilot-group and ask them to use it for a month and evaluate the benefits.
  • Reviews: I know it sounds obvious, but check reviews! G2 is a great place specifically for software reviews. You can get real feedback from those that have used the software. Be sure to evaluate more than just the number of stars. A 4-star product may be a better fit for your unique needs than a 5-star product.

I don’t have a space to record a professional video

More people are working remotely these days. People have added “kitchen table” to their list of workspaces, and it is becoming more common for users to record perfectly professional videos right from their own homes. With just a few considerations, you can create a great recording space at home that will be just as good as a green screen or professional studio. A blank wall works great! If you’d like a little more, consider adding a few plants or greenery. Try to avoid spaces with lots of echo, but most homes are well insulated to reduce echo. If echo is an issue, consider getting a portable microphone or a headset with a mic. One product we recommend wholeheartedly here at OneMob is Krisp. Krisp offers noise-cancelling software to reduce unwanted noise in your videos, and also virtual backgrounds without the use of a green-screen. You can read more about them here or visit Krisp’s website.

Final Thoughts

Video is already changing the way we collaborate in the business community. Thanks to improvements in accessibility, it is almost assuredly here to stay. Here at OneMob, we are beyond excited about the proliferation of video, and encourage you to give it a try!

If you are open to jumping into video, consider using OneMob’s Free platform to get your feet wet. We’ve designed our experience for every role, in any industry. Our platform was listed as a Top-10 User Friendly Platform on G2, and recently received a 2022 Gold Stevie Award for Sales and Customer Service. We are ready to help you take your first steps into video. Visit us at to get started!

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