Customer Success Story: HPE Leverages OneMob to Revolutionize Digital Sales

Company: Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
Industry: Information Technology
Challenge: Booking Meetings and Generating Opportunities
Solution: OneMob for Video Prospecting and Content Microsites
Result: $9M Opportunity Pipeline in Q2 Alone (19 reps | 98 deals | $99K AOV)


The North America Digital Sales Team at HPE faced significant challenges in booking meetings and generating opportunities. Traditional outreach methods were proving less effective in capturing the attention of potential clients, leading to fewer meetings and missed opportunities. HPE needed a dynamic solution to engage prospects more effectively and drive higher conversion rates.


HPE turned to OneMob, a powerful tool that allows sales teams to prospect in more engaging and personalized ways. OneMob enabled the HPE Digital Sales Team to leverage the power of video and content microsites to create impactful, personalized outreach campaigns. With OneMob, the team could craft compelling video messages, integrate them with relevant content, and deliver them directly to prospects through personalized microsites.


The implementation of OneMob transformed HPE’s digital sales strategy. The ability to create and send personalized video messages significantly increased engagement rates. Prospects were more likely to respond to a tailored video than to traditional emails or phone calls. Additionally, the content microsites allowed for a richer presentation of HPE’s value propositions, leading to more meaningful interactions and discussions.

As a result, HPE’s North America Digital Sales Team saw remarkable success. It was reported by 19 sales representatives that they closed 98 deals, with an average deal size of $99,000. This led to an impressive $9 million in opportunity pipeline in Q2 alone using OneMob. This substantial increase in pipeline opportunities highlighted the effectiveness of OneMob in driving sales and engaging prospects in innovative ways.


By adopting OneMob, HPE’s North America Digital Sales Team overcame their challenges in booking meetings and generating opportunities. The power of personalized video messages and content microsites provided a fresh and engaging way to connect with prospects, ultimately driving significant growth in their sales pipeline. This success story underscores the transformative impact of innovative sales tools in today’s digital landscape.

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Sati Hillyer

Sati Hillyer

Founder and CEO of OneMob

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