How Intuit Leveraged OneMob Microsites to Skyrocket Meeting Bookings

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, securing meetings with potential clients is a critical yet challenging task for sales teams. Intuit, a leading financial software company, faced this challenge head-on and found a groundbreaking solution in OneMob’s microsites. By humanizing their sales motion through personalized microsites, Intuit was able to achieve extraordinary results: an average of 100 meetings booked per seller in just 90 days.

The Challenge: Booking Meetings

For Intuit, like many companies, booking meetings was a significant hurdle. Despite having a robust sales strategy and a team of skilled sellers, getting prospects to commit to meetings required more than just traditional outreach methods. Emails and cold calls often went unanswered, and the competition for attention in prospects’ inboxes was fierce. The need for a more engaging and personalized approach was clear.

The Solution: OneMob Microsites to Humanize the Sales Motion

To tackle this challenge, Intuit turned to OneMob, a platform known for its ability to create engaging and personalized digital experiences. OneMob’s microsites offered a unique solution to humanize the sales process. Here’s how Intuit utilized these microsites to transform their meeting booking strategy:

Personalized Video Messages

Each OneMob microsite allowed Intuit’s sellers to include personalized video messages. These videos helped sellers introduce themselves, explain the value proposition, and build a personal connection with prospects. This approach made the outreach feel more genuine and less like a generic sales pitch.

Customized Content

The microsites were tailored to the specific needs and interests of each prospect. Intuit’s sellers could include relevant case studies, product demos, and other resources that addressed the unique pain points of the target audience. This customization showed prospects that Intuit understood their challenges and had the right solutions.

Interactive Features

OneMob microsites included interactive elements such as meeting scheduling widgets, feedback forms, and call-to-action buttons. These features made it easy for prospects to take the next step, whether it was booking a meeting, requesting more information, or downloading a whitepaper.

Analytics and Insights

OneMob provided Intuit with valuable analytics and insights into how prospects interacted with the microsites. Sellers could see which content pieces were most engaging, how much time prospects spent on the site, and when they were most likely to respond. This data allowed sellers to follow up more effectively and tailor their approach based on the prospect’s behavior.

The Result: 100 Meetings Booked per Seller in 90 Days

The impact of using OneMob microsites was nothing short of remarkable. Over a 90-day period, each seller at Intuit was able to book an average of 100 meetings through their personalized microsites. This success can be attributed to several key factors:

Enhanced Engagement

The personalized and interactive nature of the microsites captured the attention of prospects far more effectively than traditional methods. Prospects felt a stronger connection with the sellers and were more inclined to engage in a conversation.

Streamlined Scheduling

The integration of scheduling tools within the microsites simplified the process of booking meetings. Prospects could easily choose a convenient time without the back-and-forth of email exchanges, leading to higher conversion rates.

Data-Driven Follow-Up

The analytics provided by OneMob allowed Intuit’s sellers to optimize their follow-up strategies. By understanding which parts of the microsite resonated most with prospects, sellers could tailor their follow-up communications to address specific interests and concerns.

Increased Efficiency

With OneMob microsites handling much of the initial engagement and scheduling, sellers could focus their efforts on higher-value activities, such as preparing for meetings and closing deals. This efficiency boost contributed to the impressive number of meetings booked.


Intuit’s success story with OneMob microsites demonstrates the power of personalized, humanized sales approaches in today’s digital age. By leveraging OneMob’s innovative platform, Intuit was able to overcome the challenge of booking meetings and achieve extraordinary results. The average of 100 meetings booked per seller in just 90 days is a testament to the effectiveness of personalized engagement and the potential for technology to transform sales strategies.

For companies looking to enhance their sales outreach and drive better results, Intuit’s experience with OneMob serves as a compelling case study. Embracing personalized, interactive, and data-driven solutions can pave the way for significant improvements in meeting bookings and overall sales performance.

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Sati Hillyer

Sati Hillyer

Founder and CEO of OneMob

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