How To Improve The Landing Page Experience

If you are searching for information on how to improve the landing page experience, you might be ready to start setting up landing pages on your website or for your other projects.

Landing pages can be an excellent tool for many reasons, including the ability to drive additional traffic to your site. However, there are disadvantages as well.

Although the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, you cannot simply ignore that they exist. For instance, one main disadvantage is conversion. Sure, you may get people to sign up for your list, which can help you find leads and convert these leads into sales down the road. But, you must put the emphasis on the phrase, “down the road.”

You must remember that this is an extra step in the sales process. Extra steps can add additional time, lowering your overall sales and profit. 

There are many considerations when building a landing page or considering adding this tool to your business arsenal. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of landing pages in this article.

However, we will also cover what a landing page is, why you would want to use them, things to avoid, and ways to improve your landing pages.

What Is The Purpose of a Landing Page?

Simply put, a landing page is a webpage built for marketing or advertising purposes. Landing pages can be standalone pages that serve the purpose of selling a product or service. Landing pages are prevalent on the internet; many businesses have more than one landing page. This is partially because they are built for different purposes.

We will discuss different types of landing pages and what they can be used for later, but let’s touch upon that subject now. Most people think landing pages are just to sell a new product, often a digital one.

However, people use landing pages for many different things. For instance, you may have heard the common internet adage that “the money is in the list.” This is not a cliché. 

A highly curated list of people who share a common interest in a specific hobby, job, or other shared goals, will be easier to sell things to down the road. This is why many people use a landing page to get people to sign up for their newsletter or free online course. The trick is learning how to improve the landing page experience to maximize the number of signups someone can gain. 

Landing pages can be linked to from many other pages, on your own site, or others. For instance, let’s assume you are just trying to build a list. You can certainly link to the landing page from the pages of your website. However, you can also buy Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Want to drive people there for free? Then make creatives and use the power of social media to link to your landing page, use email traffic, and utilize SEO and free organic traffic.

There are many ways to get your customers to your landing page.

Why Would You Need a Landing Page?

There are a variety of pages on a website. Many people make a mistake in believing that a landing page is not also needed because the website has a home page. Landing pages, homepages, main category pages, and interior pages serve different purposes.

A homepage is an introduction to the website or the brand, giving people a general idea of what type of pages, content, or products will be available on this website. 

Landing pages have very specific goals. They are making a list, inviting people to an event, or introducing people to a product. These sales pages are laser-focused in their messaging and very straightforward. Because they are so focused on one goal, they can convert more traffic to sign-ups, leads and sales.

When trying to improve the landing page experience for your visitors, you must remember what a landing page is and what it is designed to do. 

There are many different types of formats of landing pages. For instance, you may see landing pages that are videos, long-form content, squeeze pages, or a list of product details. You have to understand your ideal customer to know what format to use.

Landing pages also have different goals. Some are sales pages, lead generations, event pages, or newsletter sign-ups. 

How To Improve The Landing Page Experience For Visitors

Now that you understand why you may want to build a landing page and how this can benefit your business, it is time to learn how to make a good landing page.

When designing any business element, the customer should always be in your mind. This is especially true when doing things online, like making landing pages, writing articles, or posting on social media.

Ask yourself, what will a potential customer think? What will they dislike, and how can I make it better? If you continually ask yourself these questions and figure out the correct answers, you will find success.

What a customer wants on a landing page is the same things you want when you are visiting a website. Give them a good customer experience, and they will respond accordingly. Here is a list of things to work on to ensure your landing page is using all the right strategies to improve the visitor’s experience: 

  • Speed Matters – the faster it loads, the better. 
  • Ad Relevance – nothing will turn off a customer faster than clickbait.
  • Mobile Friendly – most people, browse the web more on phones and tablets than on laptops and PCs. Make sure your page is optimized for mobile users.
  • Easy To Navigate – remember to make it straightforward, as mentioned above. If your navigation is confusing, your potential customers will leave.
  • A Clear CTA (Call-to-Action) – If you want someone to do something specific, make it clear. The CTA must not be questionable. 
  • Made For Customers, Not Conversions – People are smart. The internet has been here for decades now, and people can tell the difference between content made to help others and content made to only make a sale.
  • A Minimalist Design: When you are done writing your page. Edit and Edit some more. Trash anything that will not be useful for your intended customer. 

How To Improve Your Landing Page’s Quality Score?

There is no better way to improve the landing page experience that to improve the quality score. Quality is one of the most critical factors in building a successful business. Unfortunately, most people are far more concerned with quantity.

If you are concerned about driving organic traffic to your website, you will need to learn how to make Google happy. You will need to focus on the first two things: original content and helpful content. Original content is always crucial as the more authentic the content, the happier the search engines and the people will be.

No one wants to read the same article over and over again. Regarding helpful content, it is essential to know that Google regularly updates its algorithms to serve its users the best web pages.

Helpful content is the newest update. This update’s purpose is to deliver the most useful, original, and genuine content the users are looking for. Keep this in mind when crafting your content.

Other things to consider when working on your Landing Page’s Quality Score include:

The Benefits of a Landing Page

When most people think of building a landing page or learning how to improve the landing page experience, they think the only benefits or making a list of email addresses or making a sale. Although those are two huge benefits, there are several more that you should consider.

We have moved into a time period where everyone from billion-dollar international corporations to the influencer down the street understands the importance of brand awareness and staying true to the brand.

When a landing page is done right, it can bring brand awareness to the general public and increase a brand’s credibility to those who already know this company or individual.

Although creating a brand is critical, there are even more things that a good landing page can do. They can encourage engagement in webinars, get people to download new apps, and be used for marketing new products and services. Of course, they can be used to generate sales, leads, and conversions.

The Disadvantages of a Landing Page

Although there are many advantages to creating landing pages, nothing is perfect. When deciding the best ways to improve the landing page experience, you might want to start by determining if this is even the right method for you!

Landing pages work great for many businesses, but they are usually better for people with attached websites. Landing pages are great selling tools, but people like to look around and check your other pages, a blog, or other content you have put out there.

If all you have is a landing page, some people will move on quickly. Single-page websites are missing the meat and potatoes many consumers want. They tend to have a lot of media elements, making them load slowly and work less favorably than other sites.

There are many reasons why more and more brands are going towards an abundance of content instead of many small websites.

Another big downside is that most of the traffic comes from free and paid campaigns, and conversions could be pretty low. If you are not good at designing and running a campaign, this could be a long uphill battle.

How To Improve Your Landing Page For Better Conversions

You can improve the landing page experience in several ways, which will also improve your conversion rate. Let’s look at a few of the most important things to focus on.

Spend time writing a great headline. Many people rush through a headline like it is not one of the most critical pieces of writing on the entire page. It is. The headline is what draws people in. A good headline will make a person want to click but will never be clickbait.

Streamline the lead capture form. Yes, you need some info to contact this person in the future, but ask for too much, and you will get nothing. Ask for the bare minimum. This will at least be a name and email address. If you need other information (age, gender, phone number, location, company), determine which information you can wait to obtain later after you have already made contact.

Add video to the page. People are constantly streaming; they just want to hit the play button. Use this constant need for all forms of media to your advantage and spruce up your page with a video.

What To Avoid When Building Your Landing Page

Even though many people are searching for the best ways to improve the landing page experience to drive up conversions and sales, people make many mistakes. You can make dozens of small to large mistakes, including grammar, spelling, poor photos, and slow web pages. Here are a few others to seriously consider.

Remember when we said that some companies have multiple landing pages for different products or reasons? This is because having one general landing page instead of several specific pages is a terrible idea. Do not confuse your visitors. One page per CTA. Have more than one CTA? Create another page.

Poor copy chases everyone away. Have you ever read something so bad that you gave up even though you were interested in the idea? Everyone has. Don’t let that happen to you. Not a great writer? Practice or hire someone. If you hire someone, hire a landing page writer, not an article writer. Can’t afford a freelancer? Use Grammarly or some other program to help find the errors. Then read it slowly, out loud, to see all the problems with word choices and flow.

Final Thoughts Of Improving Landing Page Experience

At this point, you should have a much greater understanding of landing pages and have several ideas on how to improve the landing page experience for your visitors.

Although you have learned some landing page disadvantages and mistakes others make, this will not happen to you. You now know what to avoid and how to make your landing pages convert all the visitors that stop by.

Using landing pages for a business or even just creating a list has so many advantages. You will be fine if you follow the tips and tricks in this article.

Remember that you should focus on the customer’s experience and what they want and desire. Take your time with your pages, making sure that your first impression is a good one!

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