It Starts With a Smile :-)

According to the TED Book, Smile by Ron Gutman, “Smiling provides the same level of brain stimulation as up to 2,000 chocolate bars or 16,000 pounds sterling in cash.” It’s good for us and it’s great to share.

We need more smiles! Businesses are struggling now more than ever because of the enormous changes that continue to impact companies and how we work. The work from home economy is here to stay, which unfortunately creates more distance and separation from customers.

This means more “sales touches” are required to just get attention, let alone get a call or virtual meeting. This transition has not been easy for many, however for some, they are evolving quickly and implementing changes to adapt to a more virtual world where they can still be personal and make their clients successful.

Liberty Mutual is one of those companies. Chris Capone recently shared an example of innovation from one of his sellers, Don Disch. “I want to take a moment to appreciate Don Disch, a Lead Sales Representative in Oklahoma with 19 years at Liberty Mutual. Like many others in our 2,000+ strong sales force, Don was challenged to find ways to connect with customers after face-to-face meetings went away this year. He found success with a personalized video that explains who he is and how he can help. I am proud of Don, and the entire team, for demonstrating resilience, creativity and flexibility during the pandemic and finding new ways to serve our customers.”

Below is Don’s OneMob video he’s been using with prospects to help them on their journey, and it all starts with a smile.

The Results: Immediately after using OneMob in his outreach, Don increased his response rate by 7X!

Challenging times require challenging changes. I know first hand recording a video takes more time than sending over another text based email, but no email will ever convey your smile and your sincere desire to help like a video will.

I encourage everyone reading this to look at the way you (or your team) currently connect with prospects, customers, partners and employees, and ask yourself if you can make this more personal. Can you start with a smile? Visit to learn more or shoot us an email at

Stop being ignored by your customers and prospects with OneMob

Sati Hillyer

Sati Hillyer

Founder and CEO of OneMob

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