KC Royals close a $200K deal with OneMob ⚾️

Do you sell a product that you have to see to believe? Well for the Kansas City Royals (and many sports teams for that matter), they sell seats and suites that create some of the best memories ever! The challenge is your buyer does not have time to come by and take a personal tour. They want to know what they can experience without having to guess from a brochure.

KC Royals knows this too well, so they added OneMob to their sales stack allowing their sellers to create and share video proposals with their customers. In a few seconds they can record a video of themselves from any seat or suite and literally show the buyer exactly what they can expect. They can send it over via email and know exactly when it’s watched and for how long.

Now for some, recording a video can be daunting and uncomfortable, especially if you’re new to the organization. So the Royals made generic videos of each suite, so staff could share with any interested buyer. Recently they hit a grand slam (pun intended) when a new staff member sent one of these premade video proposal through OneMob to the buyer. Even without having to get in front of the camera personally, she was still able to provide a unique buying experience. It was not only unique, but very effective because the video proposal was passed around to other decision makers and turned into a $200K deal for one of the Royal’s most valuable suites. They always knew they were selling experiences, now they have a platform to do so.

Here more from the KC Royals from our recent interview with them:

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Sati Hillyer

Sati Hillyer

Founder and CEO of OneMob

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