Leveraging Video and Microsites for Manufacturing Sales Success

In today’s digital age, the world of business and sales is rapidly evolving, especially in the manufacturing sector. In a recent conversation between Jon Richards and Ali Hammoud, two industry experts in video marketing and sales enablement, they discussed the power of video and microsites in transforming the way manufacturers engage with their distributors and customers. Join us as we delve into their insights and strategies for optimizing sales processes in the manufacturing industry.

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Meet the Experts: Jon Richards, an experienced professional in the field, is joined by Ali Hammoud, a marketing coach specializing in helping manufacturers harness the potential of video for sales success. Together, they explore how these emerging technologies can revolutionize business strategies and streamline sales efforts.

The Evolution of Video in Manufacturing: Video has come a long way in the last few years, and both Jon and Ali have witnessed the transformative power it holds. From AI integration to personalized one-on-one videos, video content is finding its place in various industries. However, the manufacturing sector faces a unique challenge: a breakdown in communication within the industry itself.

Breaking Down the Issue: One striking observation is that only 20% of manufacturers’ accounts are responsible for generating 80% of their revenue. Sales teams often find themselves seeking new accounts because their existing ones have become stagnant. This isn’t due to a lack of product quality or sales skills; it’s an issue of enablement. The traditional method of handing out sell sheets and expecting salespeople to generate business isn’t effective anymore.

Cracking the Code: Ali emphasizes that the days of distributing sales materials and expecting sales teams to work their magic are over. The key is to understand why accounts become stale and address the enablement problem. Both Jon and Ali agree that focusing on sales enablement is crucial for success.

Introducing Microsites (aka Digital Sales Rooms): The conversation shifts to the concept of microsites, a game-changing tool in the world of sales enablement. A microsite is a web page designed to deliver specific content to a targeted audience, and it can be customized to suit different purposes. The beauty of microsites is that no coding is required, making them accessible to anyone within a company, be it sales, marketing, or HR.

Personalizing Sales Conversations: Microsites empower sales teams to personalize their sales conversations effectively. Unlike overwhelming website visits, microsites offer a controlled and tailored experience for customers. Sales reps can provide product videos, introductions, links to additional resources, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, price sheets, and even QR codes—all in one place.

Tracking and Engagement: Microsites offer another advantage: they provide comprehensive tracking and engagement data. Companies can verify that their content has been consumed, including every piece of content within the microsite. Furthermore, recent advancements allow recipients to react to content by giving feedback, such as thumbs up or comments, fostering better engagement.

Meeting Customers Where They Are: One of the biggest advantages of microsites is their adaptability to different stages of the sales cycle. Customers may be at varying points in their buying journey, and microsites cater to those differences. Whether a prospect is ready to order immediately or needs more information, microsites facilitate a smoother and faster sales process.

The Value of Accessibility: Ali highlights that microsites offer accessibility and convenience to customers. They can choose the medium they prefer, whether it’s video, PDFs, or other resources. This flexibility ensures that the content resonates with the recipient, increasing the likelihood of success.

Customization for Different Audiences: Jon emphasizes the importance of customizing content for different audiences within a distributor’s team. The buyer, purchasing agent, and marketing department each have unique needs, and microsites can address these effectively. This personalized approach increases the chances of buy-in from all parties involved.

The Power of Co-Branding: Microsites can also be co-branded, making them even more attractive to distributors. Co-branded microsites provide distributors with a focused conversation between the manufacturer and themselves, enhancing the sense of partnership.

Eliminating the Guesswork: Another benefit of microsites is the elimination of guesswork. Sales reps no longer need to create presentations from scratch or rely on one-size-fits-all materials. They can use existing microsites as templates and customize them as needed, making the process efficient and repeatable.

Onboarding and Training: Microsites also prove invaluable for onboarding distributor sales teams. They can contain training modules, product information, promotions, and everything needed for a successful launch. Distributors can ensure their salespeople are well-prepared to represent the manufacturer’s products.

Reducing Time-to-Market: The speed at which microsites can be deployed is a game-changer. Rather than waiting for a sales meeting or traveling to meet customers, companies can instantly disseminate crucial information through microsites. This reduces time-to-market significantly.

Understanding Distributor Playbooks: To effectively enable distributors, it’s crucial to understand their playbooks. Manufacturers must align their content with distributor needs, making it easier for them to share the information with their sales teams and end users.

In the rapidly changing landscape of manufacturing sales, embracing video and microsites is a winning strategy. By focusing on sales enablement and providing tailored, accessible content, manufacturers can empower their distributors and sales teams to excel. As technology continues to simplify the process, the future of manufacturing sales looks brighter than ever. Start using video and microsites in your manufacturing business today for free with OneMob.

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