OneMob and Picsart – enrich your personalization

How can I make my personalized video even richer?

Personalized video is the accepted norm. Some might say that bulk emaisl and 1-to-many videos still have their place in the sales outreach sphere, but it’s no secret that personalization gets you higher engagement and conversion rates. I often get asked how I would make my videos even more engaging and Picsart ticks a lot of boxes.

What is Picsart?

Picsart is a photo and video editing platform and creative community. A top 20 most downloaded app worldwide, its AI-powered tools allow creators of all levels to design, edit, draw and share content anywhere. The platform has amassed one of the largest open-source content collections in the world, including photos, stickers, backgrounds, templates, and more. Used by consumers, marketers, content creators and businesses, Picsart is used for both personal and professional design. Picsart also offers its world-class image editing and processing tools to businesses through APIs and an SDK.

Not only has it been one of the Top 20 most downloaded apps Worldwide, it has now also been included in the annual Inc 5000 list of the top private companies in the USA. They made their entry at a very respectable no. 1204!

What is most useful to myself and other creators of personalized video messaging is the ability to upload a video and then to add text to your videos. This is all done inside their cloud platform by using some really simple presets and templates.

Can anyone use Picsart?

Yes, their web interface is simple to use and very intuitive. Without any training, any user should be able to upload a video and add a soundtrack and/or text to their videos.

They do have a freemium plan that limits the number of projects that a user can create in a month and then there are a number of functions that can be accessed only by signing up to the pad-for plan. However, if you simply want to add some text to your videos to make them really stand out and also to help your audience to recall what was mentioned in your video, then a freemium subscription should suffice.

In conclusion

If you’re willing to take an extra minute to really make your personalized video stand out and be more memorable, give Picsart a go! Adding text to your videos is only one of the awesome range of video editing tools that are easy to use and worth the effort. 

Did I mention that it works really nicely with OneMob?

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