OneMob Dashboard – Who’s Moving the Needle?

Numbers are a critical component when it comes to sales and forecasting, there’s simply no escaping it. As a rep, manager or executive in your organization, it’s important for you to get accurate insight into activities (input) and results (output). That’s why we created a dashboard to deliver this information to you. Check it out at from any browser on any device (you will be prompted to log in with your Salesforce credentials).

The dashboard offers a bird’s-eye view and detailed stats of your personal OneMob activity, as well as your team’s activity so you can see how you’re measuring up. The stats are broken up into easily digestible graphs and nuggets, so don’t be intimidated… no head scratching required (sample screenshots above and below).

Check your dashboard regularly to measure OneMob engagement such as total messages created, sent, played and responded to, as well as unique play and response rates (just to name a few of the stats available). You can also see all recent activity of your messages: who last opened/played/responded to your message and when, so you can follow up promptly. Happy Selling!


Stop being ignored by your customers and prospects with OneMob



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