OneMob to Join Outreach Galaxy and Enhance their Integration

In 2006, Salesforce had a grand vision to turn their CRM into a platform. As powerful as their CRM had become, there were always specific request that would arise from customers. So instead of Salesforce building everything, they opened their platform to partners to build native and composite integrations that would run seamlessly in Salesforce UI, while providing their customers with a new array of features and benefits. Salesforce benefited by quickly expanding their footprint via partners…and partners benefited by accessing their valuable customer base…and customers benefited by having new capabilities all in one place. It truly was a win-win-win. I was fortunate to be part of this team and we ultimately built the Salesforce AppExchange from an idea to over 2000 apps. 2 years later Apple would release their App Store.

Fast forward to today and there are more platforms becoming the home for the modern sales rep. One in particular is Outreach. Outreach, the leading sales engagement platform, automates and prioritizes customer touch points throughout the sales process, resulting in increased productivity for sales teams. Thousands of customers rely on Outreach to transform the sales process, drive collaboration between sales and marketing, and deliver higher revenue per sales rep.

OneMob has partnered with Outreach to allow sales people to record a personal video and create a web page of content that can be delivered in their Outreach sequence. The end results will 1) make Outreach more personal and effective, resulting in more responses and opportunities and 2) provide sales people with real time insights around which content is being consumed by the buyer during their journey. Additionally, all this OneMob engagement data can be tracked to your Salesforce or MS Dynamics CRM, enriching your customer database.

Today, OneMob will be redesigning their current integration to work with the new Outreach Galaxy to greater improve efficiency and effectiveness. On average, customers engage with 11.4 pieces of content prior to making a purchase (Source: Forrester). When we learned this, we immediately knew the sales rep’s voice was missing from all this content. We know sales reps are looking for the most human and efficient way to get in front of their buyer and provide the right content, context and call to action. This is why we designed OneMob to give sales reps a simple way to record an engaging video (context) from your mobile phone or computer, pull together marketing approved assets (content) and add the necessary steps (call to actions) to move their buyer along the path to purchase. Partnering with Outreach Galaxy allows sales reps to streamline this process in one place.

Take advantage of the OneMob Outreach integration today.

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Sati Hillyer

Sati Hillyer

Founder and CEO of OneMob

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