Sending a OneMob Video from Gmail

When reaching out to prospects and customers, are your emails all starting to look the same? If you were on the receiving end, would YOU be enticed to open your email? If you’re like most sales and CSM reps, you’re probably sending some variation of the same email day-in and day-out. Let’s face it, it’s boring for you, and it’s boring for your reader… and “boring” won’t drive engagement.

I’m here to help you crawl out of your rut, be different and add a little personality to your emails. Different draws attention, and when you’re trying to book a meeting with a prospect, revive a dead lead or better engage with customers, you need to get their ATTENTION!

With Gmail making it so easy to add media content to emails, ever think about sending a personal company-branded video when doing your outreach? Seeing a video thumbnail with your friendly face and a company logo is way more enticing and WILL increase your CTRs and response rates.

OneMob and Gmail are a match made in heaven. In addition to recording a hi-def professionally branded video in under 60 seconds,  you can easily drop that video into Gmail. Oh, and did I mention that all viewer activity gets tracked in Salesforce?

Ready to give it a whirl? Here’s how:

STEP 1: In your Activities or Saved Feed, find the message you want to send, then swipe to the left and tap the green Link icon.

Swipe your message to the left and tap the green “link” icon.

STEP 2:  Associate your link to a Lead or Contact in Salesforce, whoever you want to send the message to. This allows all of the recipient’s activity to be tracked on the Lead or Contact record in Salesforce.

Pick the Lead or Contact you want to send the video link to

STEP 3: Save the link. OneMob will send you an email with the link you requested.

STEP 4: In Gmail, compose a new message. Drag and drop the video thumbnail into your new email. Then copy the video link provided and use it to hyperlink the thumbnail. Now you have a clickable video thumbnail. Easy!

Stop being ignored by your customers and prospects with OneMob



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