Sharing is Caring – The Perks of Publicizing Your OneMobs


Today’s buyer doesn’t want another sales rep blindly spamming them with marketing content. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle, amongst all the bland email templates that are blasted every day. With OneMob, you can leverage the power of video to break through the noise of email marketing and create a unique, personalized connection with your audience. In a matter of minutes, you can effortlessly record, send and track videos all within the app.

But the possibilities don’t end there. OneMob lets you share your videos not only with your prospects and clients, but with your organization as well. Here are some unique ways you and your coworkers can utilize shared OneMob videos:

  • Make introductions: Sending a OneMob is not only a fantastic way to introduce yourself, but also other players involved in the customer journey. This is a creative method for a sales development representative to introduce an account executive, and then for account executive to make the handoff to a customer success manager. Bonus points if you can get a welcome message from an executive team member.
  • Strengthen brand loyalty: Sending an update or even just a thank you to your customers via video can go a long way. Taking the time to record a sincere message bolsters customer ardor, and even increases renewal rates. Take a hint from the head coach of the Sacramento Kings, George Karl, whose send a thank you to all season ticket holders with the help of OneMob.
  • Send follow ups or answer FAQs: Don’t waste time sending the same templated email replies or even re-recording the same consistent responses. Now you can send the appropriate response at any time, at the touch of a button. The added script feature also makes it quick and easy to make multiple videos at once, without fuss.
  • Share company content: Upload your existing marketing and product demo videos to the OneMob cloud, and share them with your clients and prospects. Record once and use everywhere; they’re safe and accessible from all interfaces. Rather than just sending a YouTube or website link, our data allows you to see who is opening and actually watching your videos.
  • Perfect your outreach: The future of new business is moving more and more towards social selling. Video is that added touch that will make your efforts stand out. OneMob allows you to record, link and share your videos wherever you want. And the best part is that you can trace it all back to your opportunities in Salesforce – helping you close deals and generate revenue.

Studies show that more people are becoming engaged by video every day. That’s why YouTube receives over 4 billion views daily. When it come to business, how does OneMob help you close deals at the end of the day? We let you decide. Whether you’re tailoring your sales process or managing a relationship, OneMob allows you to create and share your videos however you like-  the possibilities for personalization are endless.

Sharing your OneMob videos only takes a matter of seconds. See our support page to learn how you can share your OneMob videos and create and send external links.

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Sati Hillyer

Sati Hillyer

Founder and CEO of OneMob

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