Social Selling to Direct Selling

Looking for a way to make a bigger impact with social selling? Now you can make your conversations personal, engaging and direct with OneMob’s latest LinkedIn integration. Easily embed your OneMob videos in LinkedIn to give your profile a face lift and take social selling to the next level. Let me explain…

When someone is browsing your LinkedIn profile, sure they can  get an idea of what your experiences and strengths are, but do they really get a sense of who you are? By embedding a video in your profile, you’re able to add personality, color and authenticity to your message. This will give you that extra edge to turn an average viewer into a potential prospect or customer. Why? Because you’re able to connect on a more human level, making you more approachable. And, OneMob videos make it really easy for the viewer to respond to you personally instead of publicly. Bare with my analogy… your profile is like the window to a store, and your OneMob video is the person standing at the font door to greet window shoppers and invite them in to make a purchase. Here’s how:

Steps: 1) Go to your Profile 2) Under Experience click “Link” next to “Add Media” 3) Paste your OneMob Link

Another great way to increase engagement with viewers on your LinkedIn profile is with updates. Instead of sharing a typical update, make your profile stand out by embedding a clickable thumbnail to communicate your latest thoughts and ideas through video. Your viewers will be more likely to click and watch your video versus read plain text, simply because video is more engaging and dynamic.

Stop being ignored by your customers and prospects with OneMob



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