The 3 Best Microsites to Land a Job

Rich Adams leveraged OneMob microsites and video to land a job through a strategic, multi-step process that demonstrated his skills, personal brand, and adaptability. Here’s a detailed look at the three types of microsites he created, each serving a distinct purpose in his job search journey:

1. Microsite Portfolio: The 1-to-Many Approach

Rich’s initial step was to create a comprehensive microsite portfolio that served as a versatile introduction to his professional capabilities. This microsite functioned as his digital resume and portfolio, featuring the following key components:

  • Ideal Audience Targeting: The microsite was crafted to appeal to his ideal audience, likely potential employers and industry peers.
  • Skills and Experience: It highlighted Rich’s key skills, professional background, and notable projects, showcasing his qualifications.
  • Personal Pitch: Rich included a personal pitch that conveyed his unique value proposition, setting him apart from other candidates.
  • Visual and Interactive Elements: By utilizing video, Rich was able to present his pitch and work in an engaging manner.

This microsite acted as a foundational template and was prominently featured on his LinkedIn profile. He utilized it to generate top-of-funnel awareness by sharing it in his LinkedIn headline, featured section, and posts, thus broadening his visibility.

2. Job or Application-Specific Microsites: Tailoring for Impact

For each job application, Rich took the initial microsite and customized it to align with the specific role and company. This second type of microsite included:

  • Company Personalization: He personalized the microsite to reflect the company’s culture, mission, and values.
  • Resume Integration: Rich embedded his resume within the microsite, ensuring that all relevant information was easily accessible.
  • Custom “Why You” Video: A bespoke video explaining why he was the ideal candidate for the position was a standout feature.

This approach, aimed at the middle of the funnel, allowed Rich to demonstrate genuine interest and tailored his presentation to meet the specific needs and expectations of each potential employer. By cloning and adjusting his initial microsite, he efficiently created targeted content without starting from scratch.

3. 1-to-1 Microsites: Personalized Interview Preparation

Once Rich secured an interview, he moved to the final phase: creating highly personalized microsites for his interviewers. These microsites included:

  • Personalized Pitch: Each microsite featured a tailored pitch directed at the individual interviewer, showing his deep understanding of their role and how he could contribute to their team.
  • Interview-Specific Content: Rich adjusted the content to address the specific interests and concerns of each interviewer, enhancing his relevance and appeal.
  • Multiple Versions: Given the likelihood of multiple interviews with different stakeholders, he created several personalized microsites, each based on his original blueprint but uniquely customized.

This last step was crucial for bottom-of-funnel engagement, helping Rich to create a memorable impression and demonstrate his dedication and attention to detail.

The Power of Video

Throughout all three types of microsites, video was a critical element. Rich used video to effectively communicate his personality, enthusiasm, and expertise. This multimedia approach not only made his applications stand out but also facilitated a stronger connection with his audience.

By strategically using OneMob microsites and video, Rich Adams crafted a multi-layered job search strategy that showcased his talents in a personalized, engaging, and impactful way. This innovative approach not only helped him stand out in a competitive job market but also demonstrated his proficiency with modern digital tools and his commitment to excellence.

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Sati Hillyer

Sati Hillyer

Founder and CEO of OneMob

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