Top 10 Features of 2022

And just like that 2022 is done, but we would be remiss if we didn’t share our favorite features and enhancements that came out in 2022.

In no particular order, let’s start with…

  1. OneMob Free – now everyone can use OneMob for free to create personalized video microsites for any communication needs.
  2. New Redesigned UI – we upgrade the entire user interface of OneMob
  3. New Mobile Apps – we’ve upgrade our iOS and Android apps to make recording simple and fast
  4. New Salesforce Integration – we have built a new Salesforce integration that’s easy to use and incredibly powerful (great addition to demonstration ROI 🤑)
  5. Virtual Backgrounds – now you can record a video with a virtual background without a green screen background
  6. New Plugins for Outlook, Outreach, Salesloft and InsideSales – use OneMob natively inside these tools with a couple clicks
  7. Video Templates – create complete microsite templates that include videos, buttons, content and more that can be customized and reused by your entire team
  8. Email Templates – OneMob has always been a simple to use mass email, think Mailchimp but even easier! Now you can create and share email templates with all your users.
  9. Enhanced Tags – now you can tag everything in OneMob including videos, documents, links, images, scripts, email templates, microsite templates, and campaigns (Contacts coming soon!)
  10. Manager Metrics – now you can promote certain users within a team to be a manager so they can see a high level dashboard of usage and results

This is just a fraction of the amazing innovations our product and engineering team has released. We used 2022 to create foundational changes that will allow us to create even more amazing capabilities in 2023 that will help you complete the critical jobs you need to get done.

As always, send feedback (good or bad) to – we are here to serve you!

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Sati Hillyer

Sati Hillyer

Founder and CEO of OneMob

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