Why I built a Story Telling Platform after Salesforce

When I first joined Salesforce in 2006, I went through a new hire bootcamp. At the time we were releasing a “story” around our apps and our new platform.

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Based on the image above, internally we called the new direction “Fan the Block” – get it 😂

But customers wouldn’t understand that, we needed a story. So Marketing wrote the story and Sales told it. You see, sellers are the story tellers. They are that grandparent that captures your attention with every word and brings you along a journey sprinkled with lessons. At least, that’s the goal.

But sellers can’t tell stories until they are written. Marketing are the writers, editors and producers of the content that will show you what’s possible. At Salesforce, we’d see this symphony play out beautifully when Marc Benioff would present the story created by the Salesforce Marketing geniuses. And we’d follow suit, adding our own nuances and perspectives. I went on to tell many stories as we built the Salesforce AppExchange from an idea to 1000s of apps (kudos on their most recent accomplishment – 10 million installsthe team was full of great story tellers).

I quickly realized that story telling is a superpower. It takes practice. We’re not all great at telling stories, but we can always find ways to be more effective. So I built OneMob.

We live in a world where stories are lost in the vast abyss we call the email inbox. Emails that are long, ineffective or deleted before they even see the light of day. I wanted to solve this. How can we bring the story teller to the inbox?

Enter OneMob. At first, it was all about recording and sending a video, but that’s like having a seller read off the cuff. It rarely plays out well. So we went back to Marketing. They have the story, they have the content… we just need to weave in the seller and make them the narrator.

OneMob is a video first content experience platform that brings sales and marketing closer together. This means sales can quickly create a video to tell their story, build a tailored microsite of curated content for their audience, and run campaigns to track engagement and activity (all synced to your CRM). The end result is a story written by Marketing, told by the seller, made for the customer.

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Why is this important?

According to Gartner, 64% of B2B buyers cannot differentiate between one B2B brand’s digital experience and another’s. And 76% of customers report doing nothing different as a result of engaging suppliers’ through digital means.

In other words, if there’s no one to tell the story, no one is listening!

It’s time to start turning all your sellers into story tellers. Marketing continues to write great stories, so let’s help the sellers tell them and ensure they are being heard loud and clear. Watch the demo below to see OneMob’s Story Telling Platform in action.

Try OneMob and give your team a superpower in story telling (capes are optional). Contact sales@onemob.com to get started.

Stop being ignored by your customers and prospects with OneMob

Sati Hillyer

Sati Hillyer

Founder and CEO of OneMob

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