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Do you want your message to be seen?
Do you want a response?

OneMob enhances your message delivery by integrating microsites,

email campaigns, and tracking.

Nurture Relationships

Be More Engaging with Interactive Microsites

Easily create a microsite and host a library of supporting materials, including video, to help your prospects understand the value being offered. 

Shoot videos directly within OneMob or upload those created on other platforms.

Engaging Emails

Be More Popular With Video Powered Emails

Regular text emails are boring. Increase your response rate by sending personalized video sales emails — from any device. Create, schedule, and track email campaigns with OneMob. 

Analytics & Insight

Be More Effective with Tracking Data

Use analytics to better understand which videos get the most attention and responses to constantly improve your sales process.

OneMob Is The Bridge Between You & Your Clients


Generate Leads from Social Media

Convert your social media attention into leads. Let your social media presence be an asset that generates more leads for you, even when you are not actively doing outreach.


Lead-Nurturing Landing Pages “Microsites”

Create video-ready landing pages and share playlists of valuable content to help nurture your relationship with prospects and guide them to purchase.


Outreach & Sales

Personalized outreach has never been easier. Speak directly to decision makers with a video that captures the conviction and emotion and increase the responses.


Customer Success & Post-Sale

Fuel your company’s growth and increase customer retention by nurturing your relationship with your customer after you’ve closed the deal.

Talk Faster Than You Type.
Just Press Record.

The beauty of OneMob – there is no setup required. Selling is as easy as pressing record, speaking to your prospect, and sending the email to your prospect.

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Adopt a Trusted Sales & Marketing Solution ​

Adopt a Trusted Sales & Marketing Solution ​

Revitalize Your Sales Process
with OneMob

Video Boosts Your Conversions.

Why OneMob

Why Do Companies Like ZOOM Use OneMob?

Higher conversion — According to research, having videos in your email generates up to 66% more qualified leads in a span of 12 months. This means more conversions and increased revenue for your business.

Get Visibility

Get In Front of the Decision Maker

Decision makers get bombarded with emails all day. Don’t let your sales emails get lost in the shuffle. Get more attention by sending personalized videos and stand out from the rest.